Allele Frequency Net Database

One of our partners Derek Middleton (Royal Liverpool Hospital) has set up and runs a website, that hosts the Allele Frequency Net Database (AFND).
The database is an online repository that contains information on the frequencies of immune genes and their corresponding alleles in different populations.

This database provides a central source, freely available to all, for the storage of allele frequencies from different polymorphic areas in the Human Genome. Users can contribute the results of their work into one common database and can perform database searches on information already available.

The Eurostam pheno search utility is available with updated graphical and numerical outputs.


HLA-net is an European network of the HLA diversity for histocompatibility, clinical transplantation, epidemiology and population genetics.

Guidelines on how to use the tool are provided with examples of input lines (e.g. for searching non-specific/multiple/complex phenotype(s)).